Hot Air Cotton (ES Fiber)

Hot air cotton, also known as air vent cotton, is a new type of insulation material, is the spray adhesive cotton, silk-like cotton replacement products. Hot air wool is different from glue spray cotton. Its fixation method is not latex but in the raw materials mixed with a certain number of low melting point fibers or ES two-component fibers, in the production process through hot baking, the fibers are fused, so also belongs to one of the synthetic fiber filter cotton. Hot air cotton production is fast, large production, low cost.

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  • Alias: mask cotton, ES fiber cotton, filter cotton

  • Material: polyester fiber, low melting point fiber

  • Production specification: 45 -50g/㎡ for n95, kn95 mask

  • Thickness: 1mm~3mm

  • Width: 17.5cm,26cm,Customized
  • Color: pure white

  • Packing: Regular packaging is plastic bag into rolls, 50M or 100M/roll, can also be customized according to customer requirements.

  • Features: soft and moisture-absorbent, non-drip, non-toxic, naturally degradable, warmth preservation and strong filtration performance.

  • Applications: Mainly used in filtration, heat insulation, sound insulation, filling and other fields.