Gold Leaf hi-tech department is specialized in producing melt blown PP with standard of PFE 95, BFE 99 and stock of other level.

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Our factory has over 30 years experience in garment accessory.

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Strong and professional sales and after sales team.


Garment accessory package solution provider .

About Us

Founded in 1990, Changshu Gold Leaf Adornment Accessory Co., Ltd. is located in Changshu, the Chinese historical and cultural city and Chinese model tourism city. Our company covers an area of 23,333 square meters and has a production capacity of 38,000 square meters.

Gold Leaf is a specialized company producing polyester and woven interlining. Our No. 1 workshop specializes in non-woven cloth, with a yearly capacity of over 1,000 tons. Our No. 2 workshop specializes in various men’s and women’s coat interlining, shirt interlining, luxurious suit interlining and other interlining, with a yearly capacity of 30 million meters. Our No. 3 workshop specializes in woolen cotton, needle-punched cotton, polyester wadding cotton and absorbent cotton, with a yearly capacity of 1,500 tons. Our No. 4 workshop produces all specifications of silk-like cotton with a yearly capacity of 1,000 tons. Our company is equipped with advanced production technology and strict inspection procedures. Our interlining features high peel strength, enduring dry wash, wet wash and chemical wash.

Our interlining is soft and easy to agglutinate and always keeps the shape and drapability. Our company has successfully developed high-quality products with the minimum content of formaldehyde. Our products meet the current requirements for garments, such as “light, thin, soft, upright and elastic”. We have also solved the problem that it is hard for high-tech elastic cloth and other new types of cloth to agglutinate and interline. Therefore, our products meet market needs.


Gold Leaf is a specialized company producing polyester and woven interlining.

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